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The June 2014 issue of G.I. Jobs® magazine deserves a “well done”. Thanks to the people who started this in January 2002. I get G.I. Jobs® magazine at a local Air Force base. I did 24 yrs active duty (retired E-7 in 2003), been with same civilian company since 2003. Keep up the good work…The July 2014 issue [G.I. Jobs®]. You guys (& girls) do it again. Articles that are upbeat, optimistic, etc.” —Steven, Florida

Hello, I was exploring your website and I think it is a great resource.  I am planning a STEM career fair at my daughter’s high school in Lansdale, PA.  I am a parent volunteer with our Home and School Association (PTA).  I am also a molecular biologist.  I believe that there are so many opportunities for students in STEM areas and I want to introduce students to the some of the many jobs that are out there. This is our first STEM career fair.  I want to make this event exciting and motivating for the students…I am contacting you to ask permission to make copies of your “job snapshots” to give out to the students at our STEM career fair in October. Thank you very much.”—Donna C.

We are the founders of a college campus organization at the University of California, Riverside. The organization’s name is Change in Scientific Importance for Youth. Our organization promotes STEM education and aims to inspire middle school and high school students to attend college. We are planning to present at local schools within the Inland Empire and we feel that your magazine will be perfect for helping us drive our point home. We are also going to be hosting STEM conferences for students in the near future. Is it possible to obtain copies of your magazine for our events?”—Hanni S. and Jade Z.

I joined the military for the tuition benefits. But the number of benefits, and the many different schools available to use them, is overwhelming. G.I. Jobs® and the Guide to Military Friendly Schools® simplified my decision-making. Thank you for these great resources!”—Shawn L.



STEM Jobs™ provides fresh and up-to-date resources designed to inspire the young people of today to pursue STEM careers. Their site captures the excitement and endless possibility that comes with being on the cutting-edge of STEM innovation.”—Dr. Candace Walkington, Southern Methodist University

Hi, Stem Jobs™. First, want to say I love the magazine! I was in the high schools last school year and received hard copies of the first and 2nd issue. I only grabbed a few when I left that position, and wish I took more! I was wondering if I could get the hard copy of the magazine sent to me. Even though I work at the community college, I work with at risk youth ages 17-21. This magazine is PERFECT for them, especially when so many of them do not know what they want to do when they grow up!”—Diane Boldt, Job Search Developer, Workforce Transitions, Elgin Community College

We work closely with the Victory Media team to successfully promote our distance degree programs. Our students are adult learners with hectic lifestyles. They need the accommodating, career-enhancing education options that we provide. GI Jobs® enables us to target a perfect demographic of prospective students.”—Johnnie E. Blackburn, Marketing Coordinator, Academic Outreach College of Continuing Studies, The University of Alabama

AndrewsUniversity-300x225… I am the STEM Coordinator for our district in Snow Hill, North Carolina. We are in our second year of our program and the students are truly motivated. The students really enjoyed the magazine STEM Jobs™.”—José Garcia, S.T.E.M. Coordinator/Science 6-12, Greene Central High School

…I’m a counselor at Ontario High School in Oregon. I’ve passed your [STEM Jobs™] magazine along to a couple of our teachers and they really enjoyed the content. I’ve looked on the website but I couldn’t find out how to order more, can you help me?”—Jon Kilzer, School Counselor, Ontario High School

I will be sure to share this great magazine with my colleagues at Lakewood High School.  From what I saw they are loaded with fantastic information for our students.”—Lisa Sanderson, Spanish Teacher/Teacher Cadet Instructor/Senior Class Advisor, Lakewood High School 

We use your G.I. Jobs® publication and the Guide to Military Friendly Schools® because of their influence among active duty service members soon to enter civilian educational institutions. As a retired U.S. Army family physician with over 30 combined years of experience in primary care, military operational and academic medicine, I know many of my former “Army medics” seek out your publications’ recommendations.”—Sam Young, MD, Veteran BSN Program Advisor, School of Nursing, Jacksonville University

The resources and solutions are excellent. We appreciate the work you’re doing for all our service members across the country.”—Nikki Cole, Executive Assistant, Office of Veterans Affairs and Military Programs, University of Connecticut

I teach AP Physics and Engineering at Beaumont High School. I have received your STEM Jobs™ magazine and love it. I am going to use it in class.”—Joseph Russo, AP Physics / Engineering Technology, Beaumont High School

The MSD Pike Township has fully committed to expanding best practices and experiences to bolster Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education programs in all grades K-12; and to enhance career exploration in these essential areas. How might we receive more copies of these magazines in our school district?  We would love to have them available in other grade levels and for staff and parents to also reference.”—Evelyn Gearries, Assistant Principal, Pike High School/Pike Freshman Center

I’m the Career Counselor for Southern Arkansas University. Is there any way we could get free print magazines from you? We are trying to provide more ways for our students to find jobs and stay up-to-date on what is expected in the STEM fields. Thank you and I look forward to your response.”—Beth Thompson, Career Counselor, Employment Resource Center, Southern Arkansas University

Our Education Center has run out of copies of the Guide to Military Friendly Schools®. Please advise on how to obtain more. (They are very popular.)”—Jera Price, Academic Advisor, RAF Lakenheath Education Center

Hello, I am the new Director of Student Veterans Services. I used to work for the Texas Veterans Commission and received your monthly publications looking for employment. I would like to be able to give the G.I. Jobs® publication out to the student veterans here at the University of North Texas. What can I do to have a couple of dozens of your publications shipped to me? The University of North Texas also has made your publication’s list of best military friendly colleges in the past. One of my goals here as the Director is to be the top-placed institution of higher learning in G.I. Jobs®.”—James Davenport, University of North Texas




Of all the publications out there that assist job-seeking military family members, G.I. Jobs® is THE BEST! When I first became involved in this job (2007) and was looking to see who “gets it” (the challenges that face transitioning military), but also who ‘does something truly helpful’. G.I. Jobs® scores at the top of my book!”—Marjorie A. James, Executive Director, Hire America’s Heroes

Amazon has a successful track record of assimilating military leaders into our ranks…G.I. Jobs® has been a great tool to help us reach transitioning military veterans.”—Philip Dana, former HR Manager, Military Recruiting North American Operations, Amazon

G.I. Jobs® has become the premier publication connecting employers and military job seekers.”—Connie McLendon, Manager, Human Resources at Recall and former HR exec at HomeDepot

G.I. Jobs®…your support and efforts helped my organization in many ways.”—Susan Schieren, former Manager of Military Leadership Programs, General Electric

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 Military Transition, Training & Family Support Professionals

…G.I. Jobs® Magazine has provided transitioning military members and veterans with a wealth of useful and timely information and great job opportunities! Smart companies seeking to hire the best employees – veterans – know the value of G.I. Jobs® magazine brings to their veteran recruitment programs and they all seek to be on G.I. Jobs® honor roll of Military Friendly Employers®!”—Charles S. “Chick” Ciccolella, former Assistant Secretary of Veterans’ Employment and Training

This is always a very popular issue and with the impending implementation of the VOW Act Education track I’m sure it will be even more in demand.”—TAP Manager, Fort HuaChuca

Your publications are really popular with the troops! Thanks for everything!”—TAP manager, Holloman AFB

The recent relaunch of the website is amazing. I also like receiving G.I. Jobs® magazine for the articles and company information; I provide them to the service members in my workshops.  The G.I. Jobs® e-mails are also a fantastic resource as I stay in contact with the personnel who transition through my program…Keep up the great work.”—Gerard Metoyer, MSW, USN (Retired), Fleet & Family Support Center, NAVSTA GREAT LAKES

G.I. Jobs® continues to provide outstanding resources for our transitioning population.  We put the magazine and other G.I. Jobs® resources around our TAP/ACAP area, on our FB site, and use them in base career fairs  as well as professional development sessions.”—Lorrie Guler, Transition Services Manager – ACAP, Fort Drum

Thanks for the email and for all G.I. Jobs® does for our veterans!!  I find the articles in G.I. Jobs® very relevant and on track…We appreciate you so much.”—Lynette K. Callich, Community Readiness Specialist, Robins AFB

Receiving the G.I. Jobs® magazine is a wonderful tool, I hand them out during drill visits etc. Good information for me to read as well on civilian opportunities for our service members.”—Mrs. Karen Stein, HRCI Contractor, Family Assistance Center Specialist (Riverside) California Army National Guard – Operation Ready Families

You guys got great publications. They are always in high demand.  We appreciate what you do.”—Tyler Sandford, NJ ESGR, Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

We truly enjoy the many magazines we receive. Our work staff consists of veterans, military retirees and active duty spouses. We find all the magazines very informative and exciting to read. Blessings to you.  Keep up the awesome work!”—Ramona Lewis, Manager, Wilford Hall Fisher House

I personally think there is a lot of really great information in G.I. Jobs® magazine.  I looked at your list of publications; they, too, look as if they provide a great service to veterans and would enjoy receiving complimentary copies to provide to veterans and their family members. Thank you for your service to veterans and family members.”—Scott Haugh, Veterans Employment Representative, Illinois Department of Employment Security

We love G.I. Jobs®!  They are a big hit with our service members and they are always asking for the newest copies. Platoon Sergeants want them and then distribute information to their subordinates. I travel all over Wisconsin and have no trouble distributing them at events or to individual service members. Thank you!”—Mike Hallquist, WI ESGR

I work with separating Marines and like G.I. Jobs® the best out of all the magazines that come in. I keep yours in my office to personally hand out, while the others are placed in the lobby. G.I. Jobs® has made its way to the top and is always in demand.”—Sgt Beck, Career Retention Center, Marine Air Control Squadron-24 

I will say there are few publications I can use. Your publications are great. Whenever I am talking with someone struggling to get into the job market or re-entering the job market I tell them to take a look at G.I. Jobs®.  It has 101 good ideas about getting prepared for work and finding a job.”—Frank Huff, LA ESGR, Employer Support Of The Guard And Reserve

Following its launch in 2001, G.I. Jobs® magazine and website became a prized resource for Transition Assistance Program (TAP)/ACAP managers, counselors and facilitators, as well as LVERs and DVOPS, who share the mission of helping transitioning service members make a smooth change to civilian life. Here is what a few of our TAP teammates had to say: Oh! Bless you! You are wonderful! I look forward to receiving these magazines. They are wonderful tools for my troops.”—Rebecca M. McCrary, Barksdale AFB TAP

G.I. Jobs® has not only provided much-needed career advice and education to our veterans, but also has gone to great lengths to bring corporate America together with the best employees America has to offer.”—Walter M. Herd, Director, Army ACAP, Ft. Knox, Ky.

G.I. Jobs® (is) the industry’s marquee publication for military transitioners…a premier military magazine because it offers contemporary real-world stories coupled with innovative concepts on how to successfully transition from a military career into civilian life.”—Mfon Umoren, ACAP Transition Manager, Fort Irwin, Calif.

When I have an unemployed Vet, the first thing I would reach for was G.I. Jobs® magazine and refer them to the Military Friendly Employers® list. From there, I had them visit employers careers pages. I have used articles on resume writing, how to interview, and many other great support information.”—Ken Semovoski, LVER, Allegheny County, Pa.

G.I. Jobs® is a vital part of our transition program at CBC Gulfport. The contacts with employers are vital to the service members’ career search and as a Military Transition Coordinator, it helps me present options to our Seabees, Sailors and Marines.”—Jeff Isabell, TAP Manager, Fleet and Family Support Center, CBC Gulfport, MS

Because of its years of experience and worldwide commercial expertise, G.I. Jobs® Magazine has been able to provide Marines with job opportunities available.”—Mina Threat, Transition Services Manager, Marine Corps

G.I. Jobs® is valuable to me and I am willing to pay out of pocket for this resource.”—Bill Spindler, DVOP, Colorado Springs, CO

Our office has stopped receiving the G.I. Jobs® magazine; please advise as to what we need to get them back!! We use this tool when conducting our monthly workshops for veterans that are either transitioning or become unemployed. Please help!”—Julie De La Mora, LVER, Greater Los Angeles Area Employment Development Department