How do you define a “Military Friendly School”?

In recent years, the discussions, regulations and actions to call out and curb bad behavior among colleges has taken center stage, but there is no single definition of what “bad actor” means. The result: confusion among service members, veterans and their families, as well as for higher education institutions. That’s why we’ve evolved our Military Friendly® Schools ratings—and will publish our 2017 list of colleges, universities and trade schools—based on a standard measure for evaluating institutions of all types and degree programs on the outcomes they provide for military students.

WEBINAR: 2017 Military Friendly® Schools Survey

The Evolution of Military Friendly® Over the last 8 years our ratings program has evolved. A significant change to the Military Friendly® Schools survey for 2017 is the inclusion of publicly available data. With the inclusion of both public and proprietary data from 8,878 institutions, we have established new benchmarks for eligibility based upon a core set [...]