Military Friendly® Schools

2017 Military Friendly(R) Schools

What grade would your military admissions program receive?

  • Have you moved beyond compliance to best practice?
  • Is your school known in the military community? How strong is your reputation?
  • Are you present during their transition?
  • Is your presence nationwide?
  • Are you attracting the right applicants at the right moment?
  • Does your staff understand military transitioners and speak military language?

Schools ranging from nationally recognized universities to locally honored community colleges and vocational schools face ever-increasing challenges in attracting high-quality students, complying with federal initiatives and developing their military programs.

How Military Friendly® is your school? Take our free assessment.

The first step in determining whether your school or organization has what it takes is to attract these talented individuals is by completing our free Military Friendly® survey, the premier and original assessment tool. Schools that earn the designation receive use of the Military Friendly® School logo, plus basic listings on our website and in our annual print guide.

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What is the Military Friendly® survey, and what’s new this year?

Military Friendly® is the leading time-tested, trademarked program that benchmarks and rates colleges and companies, helping veterans and military families make well-informed decisions about education and career opportunities. Our surveys and ratings methodology are better than ever this year. Hear from Chief Product Officer Daniel Nichols how the program has evolved over the last 15 years.