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MF13_Logo_HR-300x25What does it mean to be Military Friendly®?

Military Friendly® is the leading time-tested, trademarked program that benchmarks and rates colleges and companies nationwide, helping veterans and military families make well-informed decisions about education and career opportunities. Our goal is to benchmark and recognize the institutions who have programs and policies that lead to positive outcomes. Chief Product Officer Daniel Nichols explains more in this short video:

The original, trusted resource for post-military success.


Developed through more than a decade of proprietary research, Military Friendly® ratings and resources provide service members the transparent, accurate information they need to make decisions about civilian careers and education opportunities.

On the civilian side, we work with thousands of schools and employers to help them assess how they are doing to attract and support this group of talented individuals.

Did you know…

We’re a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business.

Founded by veterans for veterans and their families, Victory Media now employs teams of people, many veterans themselves.

Our surveys are free. Our logos are, too, for qualifying institutions.

Military Friendly® Awards

Our online survey assessments are free and open to all eligible schools or companies that wish to participate. Institutions earning the Military Friendly® trademarked designation can use our logo and receive a basic listing in our annual print guides and on our website for one year. Veteran advocates receive additional, complimentary resources, like access to G.I. Jobs® and Military Spouse online and copies of magazines, as well as our e-newsletters.

We’re in this for the long haul—and we’re evolving.

We started Military Friendly® ratings in 2003 with small lists because there wasn’t enough public information to rate entire industries or markets. So, we relied solely on data from submitted survey responses. At that time, the best programs in the country did complete our surveys and the best programs were recognized. But, we needed more.

More institutions to participate and to track data like the number of employees with a military background.MFE Guide 2016

More public data to become available on efforts to hire and enroll from the military community.

More time for Military Friendly® to advocate for stronger military recruiting practices, and to earn credibility.

All of these things have happened. The Military Friendly® program has grown every year, now offering classes of ratings, rankings for companies and separation by industry or school type.

What’s next?

Starting in late 2016, colleges and companies will no longer be rated as “Are you Military Friendly®?” but “How Military Friendly® are you?” Our ratings will be based on three sources of data:

  • Publicly available data about the institution or company
  • Proprietary data gathered through the voluntary Military Friendly® survey, and
  • Beginning in 2016, voluntary data and reviews provided by veterans and military students or employees.

By participating in the Military Friendly® survey, schools and employers are able to incorporate the latest, unique data about their institutions not captured elsewhere, giving service members and their families a well-rounded look at education and employment opportunities.

Daniel Nichols covers what’s new for Military Friendly® ratings in 2017:

MF_11Our commitment to the military community.

Millions of active duty service members, veterans and military spouses use our ratings to help them determine where to work and where to go to school. The Military Friendly® ratings program has been instrumental in the development of corporate and college military recruiting programs. Veterans benefit when companies and schools invest in engaging, educating and employing them. Our nation benefits. Victory Media takes its role in the growth and development of Military Friendly® as a personal guarantee to every person who wore the uniform.
We’ve also started a new movement to join forces with public and private organizations and institutions to make education opportunities and outcomes Better for Veterans. Join us in pledging your support!

How Military Friendly®are you?

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