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Together, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is not just a means of classifying jobs; it defines the very skills that drive innovation, growth, productivity, quality and safety. But, nationwide, schools and employers face a shortage of
individuals to fill programs and jobs in these fields.

Our mission at STEM JobsSM is to engage and inspire students and those who influence their education and career decisions: parents, teachers, counselors. Whatever students are passionate about, be it music or sports (or something else), STEM Jobs helps them discover how to “do what you love” for a living.


Early Spring 2017 Redefining the E: Environment, Education, Energy, and Entrepreneurship
Late Spring 2017 Redefining the M: Manufacturing, Music, Medicine, and Money
Early Fall 2017 Architecture, Broadcasting, Chemistry, Dietary
Late Fall 2017 Exercise, Forestry, Geology, Hydroponics
Early Spring 2018 Intelligence, Jewelry, Kinetics, Law
Late Spring 2018 Marketing, Nursing, Optics, Publishing

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