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What grade would your STEM admissions or recruiting programs receive?

STEM Jobs Approved Colleges 2016-2017Students, parents, teachers and educators rely on several resources, including ratings information, to evaluate alternatives after high school—ultimately to understand how education translates into real-world jobs.

Post-secondary schools recognize they must offer leading programs to keep students engaged and help place them in long-term, viable careers…but, they often don’t know how.

STEM Jobs Approved Employer 2016-2017That’s where STEM JobsSM Approved Colleges ratings comes in, bringing insight and tools to post-secondary schools of all types—from community colleges to four-year universities to vocational and technical schools. STEM JobsSM Approved helps schools build STEM programs that align with the needs of STEM JobsSM Approved Employers.

Is your institution or organization STEM JobsSM Approved? Take our free assessment to find out.

The first step in determining what it takes to attract and engage STEM-talented students is by completing our free STEM JobsSM Approved survey. We’ve applied our more than ten years of practical experience in conducting Military Friendly® surveys and ratings, along with valuable input from our independent STEM JobsSM Advisory Council, to create our questions and methodology. Our survey platform evaluates four areas: STEM Partnership, Diversity, Career Orientation and Student Opportunity. Schools or companies that earn the designation receive use of the STEM Jobs Approved logo, plus basic listings on our website and in our annual guide.

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