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Become a recognized name in high school classrooms: Build Presence.

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When students begin discussing whether to continue their education after high school, or to begin a career, you want to be a part of the conversation. Students start their research with recognized, trusted names. That’s why it’s so important for you to build a sustainable presence for your school or company—and your STEM programs—while students are still in high school.

Our Solutions

STEMJOBS_LS16CoverSTEM Jobs Late Fall 2015 Advertising and Editorial Opportunities


Enhance your presence in the classroom with the next generation of STEM workers. STEM Jobs Magazine and related STEM Jobs resources are delivered to more than 20,000 high schools across the country.

With a circulation of 70,000 copies four times a year, your message will reach a half-million students every year.

Every issue provides students with a unique look behind-the-scenes into the industries, careers and education opportunities that will engage them in STEM—and help them find their way in the workforce.

Content Sponsorship. Content Sponsorship highlights your STEM degree and certificate training programs, or the positions for which your company hires. The STEM Jobs team will work with you to develop and optimize your content sponsorship opportunity.

We offer content sponsorship opportunities for:

STEMJOBS_Hot Jobs Poster SeriesHot Jobs Posters. Our Hot Jobs Poster Series focuses on different career paths in major STEM industries. We tie each job to a STEM Type and provide students with info on what these jobs entail, what they can expect to make, and a list of STEM Jobs Approved Colleges and Employers ready to help students find a career they’ll love.



Lesson Plans. STEM Jobs Lesson Plans connect classroom projects and curriculum with real STEM careers, so students can appreciate the purpose behind what they’re learning in class.


Enhance your presence through school sponsorship.

STEM Jobs’ school sponsorship program establishes your school or company as the exclusive provider of amazing STEM resources. Sponsor one or multiple schools and lay the groundwork for lasting partnerships between you, educators and students.

STEMJOBS_Solutions_ToolboxSTEM Jobs Classroom Kits.

Your sponsorship gives educators everything they need to connect the content they teach to careers their students will love.Your presence will be seen in every classroom throughout the entire school year, year after year. All copies of STEM Jobs Magazine and Hot Jobs posters are branded with 2″ stickers incorporating your logo or message.

  • STEM Jobs Magazine. 30 copies arrive four times a year.
  • STEM Jobs Lesson Plans. Each issue comes with five integrated STEM Jobs lesson plans and activities.
  • STEM Jobs Hot Jobs Posters. Each issue also comes with four posters, featuring 10 jobs in different industries.
It’s time to take a systematic, not transactional, approach to recruiting students for your college. STEM branding solutions is just one step. Learn about the others.

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