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Celebrating 15+ Years of Advocacy

We Believe that Veterans are
Better Off for Their Service.

The founders of Victory Media left the Navy in the late 1990s only to discover a lack of good resources to help them transition into civilian careers. The government’s Transition Assistance (“TAP”) Program was around then, but limited in scope. As Chairman and co-founder Chris Hale likes to say, “It took nearly 11 months of plebe year for the Navy to transform me into a midshipman. TAP class is going to turn me back into a civilian in 2 ½days? Right.”

Chris and co-founders Rich McCormack and Scotty Shaw knew there was an opportunity to create vital, civilian-produced resources for the approximately 250,000 people who leave military service each year—and to create a more efficient way for employers and schools to connect with this group of talented candidates.

In 2001, they founded Victory Media and launched its flagship G.I. Jobs® magazine and website that still serves today as the go-to resource for service members, veterans and transition managers. In 2003, the company introduced Military Friendly® ratings, the industry standard that measures an organization’s commitment, effort and success in creating sustainable and meaningful benefit for the military community.

We’ve hit a lot of milestones along the way.

Today, Victory Media offers nationally recognized media brands, survey and ratings programs, reporting services and training. Our clients include Fortune 1000 companies, colleges and universities and high schools across the country.

We have a sign that hangs prominently in our office in Pittsburgh. It reads, “We believe that veterans are better off for their service.” This belief drives everything we do. This belief also drives corporate America and educational institutions to invest in programs to recruit veterans as employees, students, suppliers and customers in a way that creates sustainable demand for their services.

Chris Hale, Chairman and Co-Founder