Our Markets

We reach “renewable talent”.

Victory Media’s ratings, resources and media brands reach individuals preparing to enter or re-enter the workforce. Specifically, we focus on young professionals from “renewable talent sources” that graduate a large number of people each year. One of the largest renewable talent sources is the military community; the other, high school, college and vo-tech students.

Renewable talent is young, diverse, passionate and full of promise, fueling our economy and our country’s future. We help these individuals answer important questions about going back to school, finding a job, starting a business or simply carving out a path to do what they love for a living. Our solutions help you reach and connect with these individuals as they get ready to take the next step in their professional lives.

Learn more about who we reach, and how, from our CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Hale.

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Post-9/11 Veterans and Military “Transitioners”

Brand Focus: G.I. Jobs®

Up to 400,000 Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve service members leave the military each  year–men and women who are skilled learners, team players, and laser-focused on success in the civilian world.

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High School and College Students

Brand Focus: STEM JobsSM

We reach over 200,000 high school students, their teachers and counselors in school and at home, connecting their passions and the idea of “doing what they love” to real-world careers in STEM.

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Brand Focus: Vetrepreneur®, NaVOBA

More than 3 million businesses are owned and operated by veterans who tap the leadership skills and qualities they learned in the military to become successful “vetrepreneurs”.

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Military Spouses and Families

Brand Focus: Military Spouse

It’s hard enough to juggle family, work and/or school. More than one million military spouses do all of that while meeting the unique demands of deployments, frequent moves and military life.

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