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Why Military Friendly®?

Easiest. Answer. Ever.

Because the Military Friendly® designation creates better outcomes for veterans. By setting a standard, then promoting it, we provide positive reinforcement for American organizations to invest in programs that improve the lives of veterans. That’s good for veterans, good for the organizations and good for America.

Read on to learn the What, How, Where and other reasons you should know about Military Friendly®.

We benchmark and recognize institutions that are “Better for Veterans“—those with programs and policies that lead to positive outcomes. Chief Product Officer Daniel Nichols explains.

Military Friendly® is the standard that measures an organization’s commitment, effort and success in creating sustainable and meaningful benefit for the military community.

The data we evaluate to determine Military Friendly® designations and awards are sourced from three categories, which we call the three Ps: Public data sources, Proprietary data from our survey and Personal data from surveys of veterans themselves. Our Military Friendly Advisory Council then gives guidance including diverse perspective on methodology; data is pushed through a pre-determined algorithm; and results are audited by EY (Ernst & Young).

Here’s more on how Victory Media rates opportunities:

Results are published in our own media and distributed externally for third-party media news. Most designated organizations announce their destination by promoting the news via their own media.

Organizations earning the Military Friendly® trademarked designation can use our logo and receive a basic listing in our annual print guides and on our website for one year. Veteran advocates receive additional, complimentary resources, like access to G.I. Jobs® online and in print, as well as our e-newsletters.

We started Military Friendly® ratings in 2003 with small lists because there wasn’t enough public information to rate entire industries or markets. We relied solely on data from submitted survey responses because we had to. Today, the Military Friendly® program is more stringent than ever before, offering classes of ratings, Top 10 rankings and awards by industry or school type. We incorporate not only survey data into our methodology and analysis, but data from several federal agency databases and veteran feedback.

Millions of active duty service members, veterans and military spouses can access our ratings at no cost to research where to work and where to go to school. Military Friendly® ratings have been instrumental in the development of corporate and college military recruiting programs. Veterans benefit when companies and schools invest in engaging, employing and educating them. Our nation benefits. Victory Media takes its role in the growth and development of Military Friendly® as a personal guarantee to every person who wore the uniform.

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