Tristan Germann

Tristan Germann, Director of SalesThe cars I have owned the last 10 years:  Highlights include a 2005 Bright Orange Jeep Wrangler X, 1986 Chevy K1500 Pickup, 2002 Chevy Tahoe (current), 1996 Ford Explorer.

Guilty pleasure:  Going to the movies—I love it and I love the popcorn! No butter, that makes it healthier, right?

Favorite movies:  “Gone in 60 Seconds” (low rider scene in particular), “Shooter,” “Transformers” (all).

Favorite celebrity:  Bobby Bones

Believe it or not:  In 2006 I jumped into the ocean off the side of the USS Enterprise…voluntarily.

Greatest personal accomplishment:  My wife and I persevered through fertility issues to have our amazing son in June of 2014.

Greatest professional accomplishment:  Completing the Navy Nuclear Power Training Program as a Machinist Mate and then completing full MM Nuclear qualifications on board the USS Enterprise.

Oddest job:  Working for a company that inspects piping systems and bridges using robotics and acoustic fiber optics. There was a time when we worked on installing our fiber optic cable in a 9 foot diameter sewage pipe. I can still smell it.

On my bookshelf:  The Rival (Benjamin Von Seeger), The Jack Reacher series.

Favorite sports teams:  It’s not safe to say in a company headquartered in Pittsburgh, but… Go Ravens!

Mac or PC:  PC

Pop or Soda:  Soda

Did you serve?  Yes, Enlisted as a Navy Nuclear Machinist Mate. I served on board the USS Enterprise (CVN-65), the first-ever nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the U.S. Navy. Fun fact: it had 8 Nuclear Reactors on board while other Nuclear Carriers have 2.