Susan Matis

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The cars I have owned the last 10 years:  I own a 2012 Prius V. Before that, a 2007 Prius and before that, a Subaru Outback. I don’t exactly hug trees, but I do love good gas mileage.

Guilty pleasure:  Dark chocolate.

Craziest hobbies:  Learning taekwondo in middle age. It’s empowering, entertaining and exhausting, sometimes all in the same lesson!

Favorite movie:  Can’t pick just one. Lately, I like to escape with action flicks.

Believe it or not:  I’ve jumped out of a perfectly good airplane for fun.

Greatest personal accomplishment:  Discovering a passion for writing— and then doing something about it by writing a blog, getting my first pieces published and writing a novel.

On my bookshelf:  Biographies, lots of fiction, family photos, artwork and antiques. It’s a big bookcase.

Favorite sports teams:  The Pittsburgh Pirates and U of M Wolverines football. Go Bucs! Go Blue!

Pop or Soda:  I’m a Michigander-turned New Jerseyan- turned Pittsburgher. I learned “soda” in NJ during my formative years and can’t seem to switch back.

Did you serve?  I haven’t served, but my life has been shaped by many family members who have—my grandfather (US Navy), father-in-law (US Army), brother-in-law (US Air Force), my sister, a former Army wife, and my husband, who proudly served 21 years as an Officer in the Navy Civil Engineer Corps and as a SeaBee.