Scott Shaw

The cars I have owned the last 10 years:  Nissan owner since 87. When sales increased I moved up to an Infiniti FX and Cadillac SRX.

Greatest personal accomplishment:  Married 31 years and going strong.

Greatest professional accomplishment:  Recognized on numerous occasions as the Top Dog in Navy recruiting in every facet, including Individual Recruiter Enlisted & Officer, office manager, and regional supervisor.

Believe it or not:  In the mid-80’s I left the Navy for a year. I was going to start a real estate career, but ended up helping launch the first “Real Estate Book and Apartment Guide” in the Hampton Roads, VA area, not knowing at the time my destiny was to eventually work in the media/publishing business.

Favorite sports team:  Everything Pittsburgh & Penn State football.

On my nightstand:  FORTUNE magazine.

Oddest job:  Tending horses and cleaning stables for the owner/rider, who was a blind man.

When Sid Bream slid into home I was:  In a sports bar in Tucson, AZ without a Pirate fan in sight.

When Franco made the catch I was:  Watching it and old enough to remember.

Mac or PC:  PC for work, Mac for play.

Pop or Soda:  Soda!

Did you serve in the military?  U.S. Navy 21 years, Retired Senior Chief Petty Officer. Spent the last 16 years in Recruiting; prior to that, an aviation electronics technician working on A-6 Intruders and traveling the world on an aircraft carrier.