Mimi Lohm

The cars I have owned the last 10 years:  Mini Vans and SUVs, ready for a big girl car.

Favorite celebrity:  Sandra Bullock and Morgan Freeman.

Weirdest Pandora Station:  Earth Wind and Fire

Guilty pleasure:  McDonald’s hash browns and a Sarris Chocolate bar.

Craziest hobbies:  Scotch tasting, cigars and adrenaline junkie.

Favorite movie:  Titanic

Believe it or not:  I like to go fishing.

Greatest personal accomplishment:  My 3 amazing kids.

Greatest professional accomplishment:  My goal of 8 years was to have NaVOBA certify veteran-owned businesses and it is happening. I am thrilled to be a part of the creation!

On my bookshelf:  Classics, Harry Potter, John Grisham and Vetrepreneur®.

Favorite sports teams:  Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates and the Pens.

Mac or PC:  PC

Pop or Soda:  Pop

Did you serve?  No

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