Christine Bench

The cars I have owned the last 10 years:  My first car was a Pontiac Sunbird, which I was really proud of! After graduating from high school and getting my first real job, I saved my earnings until I was able to drive this new car off the lot! It’s been minivans for me ever since, which I love! I drive them until they don’t have any life left in them.

Guilty pleasure:  Finding bargains at garage sales, flea markets and second-hand stores.

Craziest hobbies:  I love entering contests.

Favorite movies:  “Sound of Music,” “Jack Frost” and “The Notebook.”

Favorite celebrities:  Matthew McConaughey and Michael Douglas.

Believe it or not:  I stood for 30 hours total with only 5 hours of sleep for an entire weekend supporting my son who participated in the Penn State THON (46 hour dance marathon, no sleep or sitting). For me, this is a “I can’t believe I did it,” especially with not being young anymore! It was so inspirational for me to witness the ten million dollar fundraising success of so many college students to fight pediatric cancer. This is true testament that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

Greatest personal accomplishment:  (1) Raising my children, and (2) influencing many young adults while a Girl Scout/Cub Scout leader for many years.

Oddest job:  Working as a switchboard operator for a department store when you actually had to plug the wires into the various slots for departments. Way back when…

On my bookshelf:  Many books that I cannot get through without falling asleep!

Mac or PC:  PC

Pop or Soda: Pop

Did you serve?  No