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Why Invest in Renewable Talent?

Renewable Talent

Renewable talent is our country’s future—and yours.

Accessing sources of “renewable talent“—new groups of students entering college or young professionals joining the workforce—is of high value to employers and schools. But schools and employers have few options to efficiently reach this talent pool.

AndrewsUniversity-300x225Young, aspiring professionals from renewable talent sources—new high school graduates and service members returning to civilian life being two of the largest—represent our country’s future. Yet all too often they waste years struggling to find gainful employment or end up working in fields they weren’t trained in or aren’t passionate about. Unlike more established professionals, young professionals yearn for trusted resources to help them make good choices about jobs, education, what to do next.


At the same time, employers struggle to find applicants with the right skills, and educators lack the tools and curriculum to connect their classrooms to real-world careers. That’s where we come in!

Victory Media makes talent work.

Since 2001, we’ve helped young professionals quickly navigate to career success through education, ratings information and resources while helping employers and educators develop programs, build presence and drive response to attract and connect with renewable talent—and each other.