#HonorOurFuture with LinkedIn and Military Friendly®

For 15 years Victory Media has believed that veterans are better off for their service. To provide our heroes with everything they need to start their transition off on the right foot, we are proud to support LinkedIn’s #HonorOurFuture campaign.

#HonorOurFuture is a perfect way to showcase the way ahead for veteran talent. The campaign aims to shift perceptions away from focusing solely on veterans’ past and instead on veterans’ futures and all that they have yet to achieve. While we are proud of all that our service-members and veterans have accomplished in uniform, history has demonstrated that these great individuals are just getting started when they transition to civilian life. The message of the #HonorOurFuture campaign is just that – next time you meet a veteran, don’t just thank them, ask them what’s next.

To help, we are providing our 2017 list of Military Friendly® Employers and our Civilian Career FITness tool alongside LinkedIn’s veteran resources. Our resources coupled with a LinkedIn Job Seeker account give veterans a dynamic 1-2 punch to start their new civilian life.

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