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More than 15 years ago, Victory Media’s co-founders celebrated the first day working at a new company and a new mission: to create vital, civilian-produced resources for the approximately 250,000 people leaving the military each year, at no cost to service members or taxpayers. In doing so, they introduced these candidates to civilian employment, entrepreneurship and education opportunities. Where companies and schools didn’t recruit from the military, Chris, Rich and Scotty showed them just how and why they should.

Today, we celebrate a rich, 15+-year history of creating opportunity and advocacy for our veterans, service members and their families looking to take that “next step.”

Our Advocacy Efforts

We couldn’t be more proud of our employees, and thank our clients and business associates who have supported us along the way doing better for veterans and young professionals looking to make a difference in their own lives and careers.

…And we’re just getting started!