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Military Friendly®

Returning service members and their families face difficult decisions about career and education opportunities. Military Friendly® provides the military community with vital resources to make informed decisions about which employers and schools offer the best fit.

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G.I. Jobs

G.I. Jobs is the number one choice of returning service members for advice on career and education opportunities. These new veterans look to us for information and practical tools to find the right jobs, education programs, and vocational training after leaving the military.

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Military Spouse

Military Spouse is a powerful media solution offering brands an opportunity to connect with and be in the minds of 1.1 million military spouses right now — and for the rest of their journey.

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The Military & STEM Recruiting Standard.

Victory means recruiting professionals in transition.  Transitioning professionals are actively seeking education and employment, which means recruiting them is highly targeted and efficient.  They’ve already decided to move on so you don’t have to pay a premium to lure them away from another college or company!  If you are a college or trade school, Victory connects you to high school students and military veterans who seek to enroll.  If you are an employer, Victory connects you to a renewable talent pool of technically trained civilians and military veterans.  Our recruiting solutions are comprehensive:  direct marketing, influencer marketing, brand marketing, direct recruiting, placement, compliance, diversity, corporate citizenship, recruiting program benchmarking and staff training. 

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Military Spouse of the Year Branch Winners

The votes have been tallied and the six branch winners of the 2014 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year ® award presented by Military Spouse magazine have been selected.